We select only the best of Italian food culture

 What is a typical product?

Italy and one of the countries with the highest number of excellent food certificates (PDO, PGI, TSG): these products achieve certification, must be respected criteria enshrined nia Their respective Production Regulations.

The aim is to protect the diversity of products Agriculture, to protect the name different food against imitations and plagiarism. Together with Certified Products, we are then ones that, although not subject to certification have the methods processing, storage and maturing consolidate over time and are identified come Traditional.

While, in fact, we find between most famous DOP Parma Ham, on the other side we find those typical food coming for example Burrata Pugliese, excellence of the Puglia Region, which is a traditional Italian food products recognized.

We tell journey to rediscover the flavors and ancient trazidizioni More of Our Country, bringing in your case in a simple, safe and fast.

What are you waiting for. Begin your journey to rediscover the flavors

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