Box Locanda di Orta

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Architettura del Gusto

MENU 4 People
Ingredients : Egg noodles 250 g,
370 g cherry tomatoes, Artichokes of Brindisi 310 g, Langhe Arneis Doc, Azienda Agricola del Cavaliere

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Recipe created by Chef Fabrizio Tesse, 1 Michelin Star.. Fabrizio Tesse was born in Milan, he graduated from the hotel school in Arona and here he began his career at the "Taverna del Painter", which at the time boasted a Michelin star. In these years he learns the brigadier discipline, organization and the basic rules of group work. E ', however, the "Caffè Groppi" Trecate which marks an important turning point in his career, in fact, after a brief stint as a chef at the Hotel "La Bussola", decides to return. The synergies between the chef and staff give to the local historian his first Michelin star. After training and enlightening experience in Spain, returned to Italy, he moved to Liguria, first in Arma di Taggia at the restaurant "The Shell" and then to "Balzi Rossi" of Ventimiglia. The arrival at the "Villa Crespi" of Orta San Giulio marks his return to Piedmont where his imagination can take shape, thanks to the support of chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo was awarded with two Michelin stars, which defines "a thoroughbred born to cook. " Fabrizio has already received its first Michelin star.


Architettura del Gusto

Passion, curiosity, creativity are the three key words that led a group of friends to give life to an ambitious project, to make available, at home, a virtual chef, a recipe Starry, of exclusive ingredients, carefully chosen, excellence of Italian culinary tradition.

Tips of Use

Tagliolini with soup of tomatoes and marjoram, violet artichoke of Brindisi and quenelle of ricotta

Recipe by Fabrizio Tesse 


30  min     

Price People €12,98


Additional ingredients to be found:

• 120 g of cottage cheese 
• garlic
• marjoram
• extra virgin olive oil
• dill and edible flowers for garnish
• Salt and Pepper To Taste.

Preparation for 4 persons

Drain the tomatoes and sauté in a pan heated previously. Later, with the help of a bell blender, blend the tomatoes adding fresh marjoram and extra virgin olive oil, obtaining an emulsion. Pass the sauce in a strainer fine mesh. Drain the artichokes from the oil, using the latter as the basis for the preparation of noodles. Heat the oil with two cloves of soul Private garlic: when golden add the artichokes, cut into julienne. Bring to boil a pot of previously salted water and soak the noodles. After a few minutes drain cooking and combine them with artichokes making stir-fry for a few minutes, with salt and pepper.Serve in a bowl put the sauce, made with grilled tomatoes and marjoram, slightly warmed and carefully lay down the noodle nests and artichokes.

For finishing: with the aid of two tablespoons to form quenelles with ricotta and adagiarne one on noodles. Garnish with a few little line of fresh dill, flowers edible and serve.


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