Spices for roasted fish

100 gr
Emilia Romagna
Ingredients: whole sea salt 90%, Romagna Shallot PGI, rosemary, marjoram, thyme, oregano, basil, vinegar, black pepper (in variable proportion). Best Before: 23/10/2016

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The distinctive value, in comparison with similar products, is mainly due to the choice of fresh aromatic herbs, combined with high quality raw materials (in particular sea salt), paying particular attention to the milling and drying stages. The process is very laborious, focused on producing a special seasoning thanks both to its organoleptic properties and its colour, taste and fragrance from the very first opening. It is recommended with grilled, steamed or oven-baked fish, grilled or pan-cooked vegetables, boiled or oven-baked potatoes.



Luvirie - Delicacy from Romagna -

A nostalgic memory of healthy and natural flavours from Romagna dates back to the moment in which the houses of this land were ruled by the so called "arzdore", the ladies of the house, who could easily combine the beauty of their land with the taste of the local products.
Luvirie began its activity in 2005. It followed in a natural and handcrafted way the recipes of the local tradition offering typical and special products. You can follow our advice to cook our specialities and discover our typical products.

Tips of Use

Se ne consiglia l'uso sul pesce alla griglia, al vapore o al forno, su verdure alla griglia o cotte in padella, su patate bollite o al forno.


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